Model Pembelajaran Struktur Aljabar I Menggunakan Software ISETL

Erry Hidayanto, Indriati Nurul Hidayah, Tri Hapsari Utami


Algebra structure is an abstract subject; therefore, it is difficult because it contains abstraction of mathematical models. This research attempted to use computer-based learning for the subject, with a consideration that students like the use of computer as media for learning. ISETL software was used as media for computer-based learning. Using the software, students could see and practised definition of groups and their characteristics, namely: integers, module n of integers, how to determine congruence of module n of integers, closeness characteristic of an operation (biner operation), associative characteristic, commutative characteristic, identity element, and inversion of group element. Knowing the characteristics of group, the student could easily understand the group.


algebra structure; computer-based learning