Latihan Mengorganisasi Konsep untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Siswa Berpikir Konkrit Memahami Konsep Abstrak

Erman Erman


Concept organizing (CO) practice is one of the teaching strategies in which students are trained to identify and organize concepts. This study aims to know the effect of concept organizing practice through chemical teaching processes to enhance concrete reasoners to understand abstract concept. Eighty concrete students of SMUN 8 Kediri Jawa Timur are selected by using science cognitive development test (SCDT) and are divided into two classes refer to concept organization (CO) and lecture (L) classes respectively. They are taught with the same subject but different in teaching strategy. Data are analyzed by using ancova at 0.05 level of significant. The result showed that there is a difference between students’ ability to understand abstract concept of CO and L classes in which of posttest scored mean and of the lowest scored. Although students have not organized concept perfectly yet, these findings indicate that CO strategy is more effective to enhance concrete reasoner to understand abstract concept and to stimulate their participation in class than using conventional method.


latihan mengorganisasi konsep; berpikir konkrit; konsep abstrak