Peningkatan Aktivitas Psikomotor Siswa melalui Metode Eksperimen Berwawasan Lingkungan

Sunyono Sunyono


Demonstration, discussion, and talk methods applied in teaching chemistry to grade XI students at SMA Swadhipa Natar are not optimum to improve students’ achievement and activeness, especially because demonstration is rarely carried out due to the limited chemical substance available at school. This research has an objective to know the improvement of students’ achievement and psychomotoric activity by experimenting the use of substance from the student environment for teaching chemistry at the first semester of grade XI. The subjects of this study are 38 students of IPA (8 males and 30 females). The research is carried out in 3 cycles, and every cycle cocnsists of planning, implementation, evaluation, and reflection. The teaching process is carried out using experiment and discussion. The result shows that there is an improvement of students’ achievement and psychomotoric activity from cycle to cycle.


Chemical Substances; environment; achievement; activity; optimize; SMA