Pesan Spiritual dalam Mantra Tengger Purwa Bumi Kamulane dan Implikasinya bagi Pendidikan Budaya

Sutarto Sutarto


Purwa Bumi Kamulane is a purification text which presents the names of Hindu gods and their powers. Bathara Guru (Siwa) and Dewi Uma (Durga) are the two most superior gods who can create, preserve, and destroy. They have the highest position among the other gods. The two will preserve and protect the human beings or other creatures if they are given offerings. The elements of Hinduism employed in the mantra (litany) shows that Hindu Javanese influences were probably quite strong among some of Javanese rural people - in this instance, the Tengger people. It suggests that the Tengger people were integrated into state and cultic traditions of the lowlands from classical times. The names of gods and their powers presented in the litany show that the ancestors of the Tengger people were Hindu.


mantra Tengger; pendidikan budaya