Learning from the Discursive Practice of Reviewing and Editing: English Research Article Publication in Indonesia

Yazid Basthomi


This article reports a small scale research project (part of a larger one) exploring opinions of Indonesian journal editors/reviewers concerning the extent to which they orient the reviewing and/or editing process towards the international readership. This qualitative research employed focused interviews with 5 reviewers/ editors of two Indonesian-based journals. The findings indicate that the editors/ reviewers tend to be modest in that they have restricted their imagined readers to be those in the confines of Indonesian setting and, subsequently, have not thus far inculcated the Indonesian writers of English research articles (RAs) to entertain on the need to orient their English RAs to the larger context of international audience. Some suggestions pertinent to the need for corroboration of the present research will conclude the article.


research article (RA); discursive practice; international readership.