The Teaching Of EFL Writing In The Indonesian Context: The State Of The Art

Utami Widiati, Bambang Yudi Cahyono


Along with the establishment of the national policy which acknowledges English as the first foreign language taught in schools, writing has been part of the teaching and learning of English in various levels of education. Accordingly, many research studies on EFL writing in Indonesia have been reported and practices in the teaching of writing outlined in various types of publications. However, no publication has offered a comprehensive synthesis of the findings of those studies and teaching experiences. In response to the need for providing an overall analysis as such, this article discusses the state of the art of the teaching of EFL writing in the Indonesian context. Taking into account the historical development of teaching methodology and theoretical framework of research on writing in a wider context, this article discusses current development of EFL writing research and teaching, and elaborates the future trends of this area of investigation.