Manfaat Peziarahan Makam Pangeran Samudro di Gunung Kemukus Sragen bagi Masyarakat Sekitarnya

Nur Hadi


The pilgrimage of Pangeran Samudra Tomb in Gunung Kemukus - Sragen, seems to store a lot of benefits for the people surrounding. As a part of tourist industry, the pilgrimage site stores a great amount of asset related to the original regional product, as to suffice the local developmental needs. Goal of the study is to gain the description of:1) the benefit of pilgrimage in terms of : obtaining parties, sorts of benefit, as well as the obtaining ways; 2) the circums-tances of ngalap berkah committed among the other men/women as a faith to the norms put on the society surrounding the tomb site. The qualitative approach with ethnography technique was applied to gather the data and information through in-depth interview. Besides, partici-pant observation and library research were used to study the material related to the object of study.