Pengujian Tegangan Tembus Isolasi Minyak Transformator Fasilitas Gedung Rektorat Universitas Airlangga Surabaya

Urip Mudjiono, Edy Prasetyo Hidayat


Testing of transformer insulating oil breakdown voltage Rectorate Building Facilities Airlangga University Surabaya conducted to determine the stability and viability of the transformer oil. Transformer oil samples taken half a liter, then the oil is placed in the test apparatus using Megger Type OTS60PB. This was repeated at intervals of 30 seconds, each time of testing performed six times, and the results taken average prices. This tester has two electrodes with a diameter of 12.5 mm, voltage is applied gradually (every second 2 kV ranging from zero to jump the fire occurred). From the test results obtained by the average value of breakdown voltage isolation transformer oil at a temperature of 30oC prior to treatment of 22.4 kV / 2.5 mm with oil colors on figure 2 (still good), and amounted to 72.05 kV / 2.5 mm after treatment (SPLN'50 -1982 and IEC No. 56 in 1991 standard ie ≥ 30 kV / 2.5 mm)


pengujian, tegangan tembus, minyak, transformayor, RMI.

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