Kajian Tembang Dolanan dan Implikasinya dalam Pendidikan Budi Pekerti Anak Bangsa pada Pendidikan Dasar dan Menengah



Gameful tembang (tembang dolanan), including folksong, is one of the folkloric genres constructed upon lyrics and melodies, orally transmitted within specific members of a communion, using traditional verse form, and having almost unaccountable variants. This research aims at describing gameful tembang along with its useful implication for educating this nation youths’ morality. Data tracking on tembang dolanan almost accounts for 224 (two hundreds and twenty four) variants available. Data analysis is based on the purposive selection that stresses on the familiarity and intimacy of the tembang itself to our own day-to-day senses. The analysis is also oriented to illuminate the inherent aspects of the tembang’s morality. Based on analysis of some gameful tembangs as selected data can be described that various gameful tembangs are, by themselves, constructive media to nurture children ethical senses such as fostering sportiveness, solidarity, (social) togetherness, cooperativeness, social intimacy, fraternity and tolerance; preserving social agreement, friendship, and brotherhood; and putting forth social togetherness, patience, and honesty. Those ethical senses are imperative to construct, cultivate, and foster children’s morality in real-life and real-time situation.


folkor, tembang dolanan, budi pekerti

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