Penjenjangan Metakognisi Siswa yang Valid dan Reliabilitas

Theresia Laurens


 In the process of solving mathematical problems, there is an interaction between cognitive and metacognitive strategies. The connection between these two strategies may be put in a level of
awareness are called metacognitive level. Theory of Metacognition was introduced by Flavell and theory Metacognitive level was introduced by Swartz and Perkins but there have been indications in field showing the need attenuation to the theory of level metacognition This is qualitatif research which 12 fifth grade students elementary school as subject. Based on constant comparative method, this study produced valid and reliable metacognitive level theory as the following: Tacit Use Level.
Aware Use Level, Semistrategic Use Level, Strategic Use Level, Semireflective Use Level, Reflective Use Level


metakognisi, jenjang metakognisi

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