The Learning Styles and Language Learning Strategies of the EFL Students at Tertiary Level

Diemroh Ihsan, Chuzaimah Dahlan Diem


The purpose of this study are to discover the learning styles, and the language learning strategies most preferred, correlation among the variables exists, and the degree of influence each independent variable exerts on the dependent variables. For data collection, the Barsch Learning Styles Inventory and the Strategy Inventory of Language Learning were distributed to 156 students of English at the University of Sriwijaya, Palembang. The results showed that: (1) visual is the most preferred learning style, whereas metacognitive ang effective are the most preferred language learning strategies; (2) certain independent variables have a significant correlation with certain dependent variables, for example, visual with memory, auditory with cognitive, tactile with affective, and semester with compensation; (3) females use a greater variety of language learning strategies than males; and (4) semester has a significant correlation with compensation but not with other strategies


Learning styles, gender, semester, language learning strategies

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