Improving The Organic Chemistry Teaching Learning Process And The Students' English Reading Comprehension

Srini M. Iskandar


This study was aimed at the improvement of the Organic Chemistry II teaching learning process and the students' English reading comprehension. The design was a two cycled classroom action research whose activities are: in Cycle I the Learning Cycle was implemented using topics taken from an Indonesian Organic Chemistry textbook (Parlan, 2003), and also the Reciprocal Teaching Method using topics taken from an English[ Organic Chemistry textbook (Wade Jr, 1987). In Cycle II both models were implemented with a slight modification. The results: (1) Learning Cycle was uneffective which might be the effect of the class size (52 students), (2) the students' English reading comprehension was improved which is in accordance with the questionnaires responses.


learning cycle; reciprocal teaching method; organic chemistry achievement; English comprehension

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