Desentralisasi Pendidikan dan Masalah Pemberdayaan Sekolah

Sjamsi Pasandaran


Development approach from centralization to decentralization implies the implementation of education decentralization. The purpose of this writing is to discuss problems related to the objective of education, the authority relation of district/city, the limits of authority, and the support of independency and interdependency. Such problems influence the school in ensuring the quality of education and imply the need for human as well as financial resources. It seems that education decentralization needs to be redefined. Empowering the school can be done through strengthening the curriculum to guarantee the relevance and the accountability of the education, improving the school-based management, self financing, and establishing networks between the school and government, community, and stakeholders.


Desentralisasi pendidikan; pemberdayaan sekolah; manajemen berbasis sekolah

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